Speaker: The Rev. Rachael Hayes

Blessing of the Animals

To join us on Sunday morningclick here (or click the bit.ly link below).

In gratitude for the blessings they share with us, we will take some time to bless our companion animals. Many pets have already attended our Zoom services, but all furry, feathered, … read more.

Mothers and Other Wisdom-Keepers

To join us on Sunday morningclick here (or click the bit.ly link below).
150 years ago, Julia Ward Howe wrote the Mother’s Day Proclamation, calling for peace and denouncing war as incompatible with motherhood. The wisdom of mothers through the generations continues to inspire … read more.

Choir Sunday

The Reverend Rachael Hayes

Join us for an inspiring reflection from the UUSA Choir. Even though we can’t sing together in the same ways right now, the song goes on!

Being Together Separately

To hear a recording of The Reverend Rachael’s sermon on March 15th, 2020, please click here

Rather than gather physically at the Meetinghouse, we’ll nurture our collective search for truth and meaning and create sacred space in the virtual world.

Promises to Keep

We make promises to one another. This is how we build community. We maintain community by keeping those promises. This whole-congregation service will give us opportunities to practice promise-making and promise-keeping.

For All That Is Our Life

Our annual Pledge Campaign is a time to reflect on what we value about this congregation and to share our dreams for its future. Please join us for a celebration of our life together and stay for a potluck lunch hosted by the UUSA Board … read more.