Speaker: The Rev. Steve Cook


There is wonderful Japanese way of making broken things whole again while at the same time not hiding their past.

NOTE: This Sunday was supposed to be a Whole Congregation Sunday but because of the scheduled parent OWL meeting the children will start and stay downstairs at 10:30.

Keeping Watch

By now, all of the players in the traditional Christmas story are very familiar to us.  But what of the shepherd who did not go to Bethlehem?

Christmas Eve Family Service    

A traditional celebration of the season, along with a visit to two old friends, Frog and Toad, who also keep a special Christmas Eve.

This service will be followed at 7:00 p.m. by a more adult-oriented, contemplative service.

Choose Something Like a Star

It is, of course, the season of the great Christmas star, but in his wonderful poem, Robert Frost reminds us that, in guiding our lives, we may always choose something like a star.

Daring Hope

Hanukah is both the commemoration of an historical event and a mythic story that inspires many to this day.   

Letter to the Future

In the distant future, a youth discovers an ancient letter secreted within the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House.  What can it say?

The Rhetoric of Truth

One of the most consequential election days of contemporary times is upon us.  What does it mean when all sides characterize their opponents as thieves?