Speaker: The Reverend Nancy Haverington

Unearthing Miss Emerson

Our guest speaker this morning will give a sermon about Mary Moody Emerson, Ralph Waldo’s eccentric and influential aunt. Her story reveals how fragile our rights are, particularly for women and marginalized members of society, and how vulnerable and yet transforming nature is. Miss Emerson’s story is our story.
Nancy Haverington is a New England screenwriter, playwright, and essayist. Her screenplay, The Silent Seed, has been nominated for best unproduced script by the 2017 International Film Festival in Nice; her play, Michael, won the Harvard Arts Award; her plays have been produced in New York City, Boston, Cambridge, and Newburyport, Massachusetts; her most recent essay, The Healing, is published in the Eastern Iowa Review, 2016. 

Polly Peterson, Lay Leader