Upcoming Service

Being Mortal: A Deeper Perspective

The Rev. Cynthia A. Frado

As a prelude to our book discussion which will follow the service, and to the three Wednesday evening information sessions beginning March 29, this morning’s sermon will begin to explore some of the truths that our mortality offers us for deeper consideration and reflection. Come and be empowered for your journey!

Black Lives Matter

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst (UUSA) enters a new phase this year!

March Dedicated Offering for The Kestrel Land Trust

Kestrel Land Trust has a mission of conserving and caring for land as well as nurturing a love of the land.  On March 19, as we anticipate the coming of spring, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about stewardship of the land, get involved, and thank the Kestrel Trust for all that they do.


My family of origin is very small. Soon after I joined the UU Society of Amherst in 1993, it became the extended family I did not have. Like the members of any family, each of us is unique. But we share a thirst to Read the full testimonial.

I hadn't heard anything about Unitarian Universalism until I was twenty-five years old. Even then, my contact with the faith was limited to attending support groups and social events hosted by these liberal congregations who were reaching out to a growing number of people "coming out" Read the full testimonial.

“I have always believed that God is love: a verb, a process, a way of being. When I was in second grade I remember rejecting the idea of a God who damns people who are not Christian— Read the full testimonial.