Last Supper Dinner Church Service

The story goes that before Jesus was arrested and executed by the Roman empire, he had one last meal with his friends. He shared bread and wine with them. He washed their feet. He told them to remember him like that, in community, sharing time and food, and to love one another.

On the Thursday before Easter, all are welcome to gather for a shared meal at UUSA. During this time, we’ll have communion with bread and wine/juice, open to all people of all beliefs. Because consensual touch is a healing and precious thing in this world, we’ll have a time of footwashing. But mostly, we’ll eat dinner and sing together. 

The dinner will be semi-potluck. The UUSA will provide rice and a few other things for rice bowls. Bring something that you would like to share that could go into a rice bowl. (Proteins, veggies, dried fruit, a sauce or dressing.)

So we know how to arrange the room and how much food to make, please let us know you’re coming!

Thursday March 28, 6pm

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